About Us

iNFHRA is India’s premier industry body for the Workplace fraternity. It epitomises the interests of industry and trade, interfaces with Government on policy issues and interacts with counterpart international partners to promote bilateral issues. INFHRA aims at representing on all national and local bodies to be able to convey industry viewpoints, as also communicate and debate issues relating to public-private partnerships for economic development.

Our members include:

  • Workplace Heads

  • Corporate Real Estate Heads

  • Facility Management Heads

  • Administration Heads

  • Human Resource Heads

  • Infrastructure Heads

  • Architects

  • PMC’s & IPC’s

Purpose & Strategies


The purpose of iNFHRA is to represent the global industry by working with the market participants, regulators, and other representative bodies to promote sound practices in the industry that strengthen markets and serve the needs. Our motive is to develop Indian industry and to ensure that government and society as a whole, understand both the needs of industry and its contribution to the nation's prosperity.


iNFHRA strategises for comprehensive integration of industry with the desiderata of society. The prevalent factor in all its activities is partnership across a cross-section of organizations, including regime, NGO’s and international bodies. Working with and learning from diverse institutions, iNFHRA has reinforced the accommodations it provides to its members as well as society at sizeably voluminous.


iNFHRA is a congregation of committee. We aim at creating committees of interest, ambition, & propel them to accomplishment.

Our committees include members from the world’s leading organizations who work with us actively to build a platform for positive change, and thought leaders who put forth the aspirations of future generations into our discussions. This leads to an understanding of challenges at hand and the way forward to solutions, which catalyzes into growth.


  • Infrastructure Committee

  • Realty Committee

  • Facility Management Committee

  • Administration Heads

  • Human Resource Committee

  • EXIM Committee


We influence, We inform, We implement

We Influence

through various public relations activities, such as lobbying, education and publishing, represent the industry and promote its position by influencing public policy, legislation and regulation, standards

We Inform

collecting, digesting, interpreting and distributing various forms of information, ranging from industry statistics, news, developments and other specialised knowledge relevant to their industry or markets to help the industry manage risks, be informed of opportunities and take advantage of recognised 'best practices'

We Implement

promoting high standards amongst its members and encouraging 'best practice' in the industry to improve positioning and competitiveness

Services and Support

The following services are available to all members of the INFHRA and are, except where otherwise indicated, provided out of membership subscriptions:

  • Conferences & Awards

  • Lobbying

  • News and information

  • Industry Surveys

  • Publications

  • Training

  • Benchmarking





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